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If you enjoy this sample, you can listen to the entire CD on youtube. (You will see a different cover and title, but it is the same recording.)

Selections from well-known and little-known verismo operas starring Diana Soviero

with l’Orchestre de l’Opéra de Montréal conducted by Joseph Rescigno

AN 2 9602 ©1995 Analekta Recording, Inc., Montréal (Québec), Canada. All rights reserved. Reproduced here with permission. Analekta’s CD covers are designed by DIFFUSION i MéDIA which graciously supplied the JPEG you see embedded here.

Sound and text

We are making track 9 (the shortest track, 113 seconds) from Verismo available here. This is Musette svaria sulla bocca, from Ruggiero Leoncavallo’s La Bohème:

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The words (Italian, English, French):

  • Italiano:
    Musette svaria sulla bocca viva le canzonette belle. Rompe la voce come da sorgiva per mille fontanelle. Canta i vent’anni e al fresco tintinnire il pie’ muove alla danza. La scorge amor dall’ultimo gioire alla nuova speranza.
    Brilla ne l’ombra dei suoi lunghi cigli un riso civettuolo, e i desideri con aperti artigli levanle intorno il volo. Ella consente, nega e rinnamora come le parla il core. Non vezzi ed ori seguita ella adora un tesoro, l’amor!

  • English:
    From Musette’s lively lips pour beautiful songs. Her voice bursts out like water from a thousand fountains. She sings of youth and the fresh tinkle of her voice urges one to dance. Love finds her between her latest pleasure and the new hope.
    A saucy smile shines beneath her long lashes, and desire with open arms raises her into flight. She says yes, no, and falls in love again, as her heart tells her to do. She seeks neither baubles nor gold; she adores just one treasure, love!

  • Français:
    Des lèvres vives de Musette coulent de jolies chansons. Sa voix jaillit comme l’eau de mille fontaines. Elle change ses vingt ans, et des frais tintement de sa voix nous invite à la danse. L’amour la retrouve entre le dernier plaisir et l’espoir nouveau.
    Un sourire ensorceleur resplendit sous ses longs cils et le désire dans ses transports la soulève à bout de bras. Elle consent, puis refuse et retombe amoureuse, n’écoutant que son coeur. Elle ne recherche or ni babioles; elle n’adore qu’un trésor, l’amour!

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