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If you enjoy this sample, you can listen to the entire opera on youtube.

“Monseñor, estoy solo con la merte”

from Río de Sangre by Don Davis,
sung by Guido LeBron.

Joseph Rescigno conducting the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for the Florentine Opera Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the world premiere production, October 2011.

Click for the production’s press release.

And here are Maestro Rescigno’s comments.

The complete recording of Río de Sangre on two CDs is available from Albany Records USA (item TROY1296-97). The work is ©2010 by Dondavis Music, Inc. Reproduced here with permission.

(NB: There are many more selections available at youtube.com.)

Audio, 1 min. 45 sec.


The Words:

en español
in English

Monseñor, estoy solo con la muerte.
Elia duerme en la cama de mis hijos.
Mi hija y mi hijo están muertos.


Bishop, I am alone with death.
He sleeps in the bed of my children.
My daughter and son are dead.

¡Ay Miguel! tú a quién llevé en mis hombros.


Oh, my Miguel! you whom I carried on my shoulders.

Blanca, niña de mi corazón,
cuando eras pequeña te tuve en mis manos,
como un huevecillo.


Blanca, the child of my heart,
when you were small I could hold you in my two hands like an egg.

Monseñor, oigo los tambores de la muerte
resonando por mis hijos que no supe proteger.


Bishop, I hear the voice of death drumming
for my children whom I failed to protect.

Los tambores se acercan, están en mi hogar,
están haciendo girar las ruedas de la historia.


The drumming is closer. It is in my house.
It is turning the wheel of history.
La muerte viene a buscarme. Death comes for me.

Read all about the background of this work and the composer at:
and Dondavis Music, Inc.
Click here for press releases for the premiere and for the recording is here.

For Maestro Rescigno’s thoughts on the work, click here.

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