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1/28/96: Performances by competent professionals can differ quite markedly. How do you arrive at an interpretation?

Of course, ultimately, there is subjectivity in this. But we hope our subjectivity is informed. I look at what I already know about the composer and his other works. There are patterns that add up to a style. In addition, if a work has undergone revisions, studying those revisions can be very enlightening. I also find that I may discover some subtlety when I return to a work I havenít performed in some years. This kind of fine-tuning happens over a lifetime and keeps my interest alive.

In theater music, however, the conductor may not be making choices in the same sense. I have conducted various singers in the same role and, while it may seem like Iíve changed my mind, Iím really only trying to capitalize on the strengths at hand.

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