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12/12/98: New audio sample: Brahms.

I am happy to make a few comments about our new Brahms recording.

In the first movement of the D minor concerto, pianist Anton Kuerti and I allowed the music to breathe and felt the tempo indication (maestoso) should not be rushed. At the end of the last movement, we agreed that the più animato is faster than the basic tempo of the movement. To maintain a long line, therefore, I held a very deliberate tempo from the bassoon theme at the meno mosso, doubling it at the più animato, and then returning to a slightly slower tempo for the final pages (Tempo I).

In the second movement of the B flat piano concerto, we captured the drive we wanted. I think Mr. Kuerti’s approach demonstrates that Brahms was the child of Beethoven rather more than the stepfather of Mahler. You can hear the last 79 seconds of the second movement of the second concerto here (MPEG audio or RealAudio®).

©1998 by Joseph Rescigno. The text here may be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes as long as credit is given.

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